Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Celebrating the fourth in fine fashion.

I was quite pleased with the way my July 4th (that's Independence Day here in the States) turned out; it was relaxing and involved not having to witness drunk people at BBQs throwing illegal fireworks at children. Highlights of the day:

--Two fantastic KOOP programs: People United at 1pm
featured a talk Naomi Wolf gave at BookPeople earlier this year and Alternative Radio at 2pm aired an interview with Gore Vidal.
--I took a horridly frilly Aida bookmark and stitched my red(floss), white and blue contribution:
Super simple, I know, but in order to celebrate any sort of "Independence" we must also celebrate the thinkers, artists and activists (including ourselves) who don't follow or agree with the status quo, and are always questioning, learning, creating and sharing.

I'd like to pop into Ginger's this weekend and grab up additional frilly bookmarks and stitch up a whole bunch with various sayings; I like the red, white and blue concept, just need to come up with some one liners. The possibilities seem endless.

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